About us

With British artist David Bateman
Ai Bateman's original print label, YARN & COPPER.
Artist David's illustrations, patterns, and graphics are combined into unique designs that Ai creates into familiar items such as scarves, bags, and clothing.

Our products are good for the environment, and for the people involved, such as factory workers.
'Sustainable manufacturing' is one of the brand's themes.

As part of that effort,
While using Japan's excellent technology and fair trade materials such as organic cotton,
I make quality products.

Back Story

Designer: David Bateman

Started drawing from an early age.

After graduating from the Norwich School of Art and Design, moved to London.
Custom painting at a company with a licensee of Marvel Comics (marble comics),
Working as a freelance artist, receiving requests from restaurants and bars to draw art on walls.

After that, the fact that my older brother had lived in Japan for several years had an effect,
Determined to have a different experience, he plans to stay in Japan for several years.

After coming to Japan, he started working as an English conversation teacher for a certain company, but it soon went bankrupt.
While there are colleagues who have not paid their salaries and are in trouble with food expenses, I received a request for art,
Make full use of the skills you have and get through the predicament.

After that, while continuing to draw, he learned graphics and photography on his own.
Utilizing a unique style that mixes illustrations, patterns and graphics,
I am in charge of all the designs for YARN&COPPER.

He loves music, and always listens to music while drawing.

Director: Ai Bateman

I have loved clothes since I was a student! While there are many people in the fashion industry who say that, it wasn't actually the case when I was a student.

Although he entered the law department of a certain university, he had no interest in law and dropped out after just one year.
From around that time, partly due to the influence of my mother, who works in clothing, I gradually realized that I like clothes.
After dropping out, he entered Osaka Mode Gakuen.

When I was looking for an internship while I was in school, I was asked, "Intern? ? I do not need it. ’,
I forced myself to work at an imported brand wholesale company and was impressed with the way I worked, so I got a job there.
After about nine years of experience in sales and buying, I met David.
Independent in 2014 to create a brand that makes use of David's talent.

Although he has worked in the fashion industry, this is almost his first experience with manufacturing.
While searching for a factory that would do business with us, we are blessed with wonderful producers, and we have reached the present.

I love nature, and my motto is to work where I can see greenery.


Our Products

Linen Superfine Extra Soft Linen - Shiga (Omi)

Merino Wool Superfine Merino Wool - Aichi (Bishu)

Organic cotton bioRE / Swiss Cotton Organic - India / Tanzania

Inkjet printing Printing - Niigata

Sewing - Yokohama, Osaka

We try to make things that make use of the goodness of Japan's local industry.

For example, a long-established weaving shop founded in the Meiji period in Omi (Shiga Prefecture), which is a production area of ​​linen,
We have the scarf fabric woven for us at the factory in Bishu (Aichi Prefecture), which is a wool production area.

Through craftsmanship (manufacturers) and us,
We will build a continuous and equal relationship of trust and grow together.

Most of the factories have been working with us since the brand was established.
Dealing at fair prices and continuing to provide work
We believe in mutual trust and consistent quality.

Actively using fair trade and environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton,
Aiming for sustainable manufacturing.

Using cotton harvested by healthy organic farming without child labor or unfair exploitation in India and Tanzania,
We use fair trade organic cotton.
(All processes, including manufacturing, are inspected and certified by an international third-party certification body.)