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Omi Linen Japanese Linen C`est La Vie (beige) Long Stole | YARN&COPPER

Omi Linen Japanese Linen C`est La Vie (beige) Long Stole | YARN&COPPER


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'C`est La Vie'
Japanese Linen Super Fine Omi Linen Long Stole

Meaning "that's life" in French. The design is based on a Magician that keeps failing to perform tricks, but doesn`t give up. He just says "c`est La Vie" and continues with his magic show in the hope that nobody notices.

C`est La Vie is a design with the title "that's life" = that's life,
A man who is a magician who often fails says "that's life",
While praying that no one in the audience will notice the failure, such a story is hidden that does not give up magic.

The elements used in magic are colorful and accentuate when wrapped.
Another point is that the colors are different on the left and right.

This is a unisex color, so it can be used by both men and women.

*The third image is a design image.
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A delicate scarf made from very fine linen thread woven in Omi (Shiga Prefecture), a production area of ​​linen.
In addition, after being woven, it undergoes a special softening process, so it is soft from the beginning and has almost no stiffness peculiar to linen.

The smooth texture is perfect for spring and summer climates.
When I wear this, I feel that there is nothing better than linen.

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made in JAPAN
Color: Beige Material: 100% Linen
Size: about 60cm x about 197cm

* Due to the nature of linen, knots (neps) can be seen here and there. It is difficult for the color to adhere to that part, and it may be dyed unevenly.

Please understand that nep and color unevenness are the rustic texture of linen fabric.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A long stole type that is easy to wrap and can be used by both men and women.

The shape is determined just by rolling it around, so it is easy to arrange.

The linen material is smooth, so it is recommended to put it on in summer instead of a cardigan.

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